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Use our unique platform to transform your school or college experience with our tailored, personalised and engaging platform.

Our tours can be used to achieve the following key goals:

+ inspire new students
+ engage your existing alumni and industry contacts
+ attract the best educators and staff

Our experienced team of educational specialists understand the needs of colleges and students.  Every tour is custom built to ensure they access inspiring and engaging content quickly and easily.  Extra functions such as content management, live open days, analytics and presenter videos are all included and ensure a successful, easily maintained solution.

Discover how our virtual tours can enhance your admissions by booking a free consultation with one of our team.

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A virtual tour is your 24*7 sales tool that is available for your users to engage with at their own pace in their own time.  Its the perfect way to “sell” your venue and highlight the best parts of your school or college.

But wait, there is more……….

Adding live 2-way communication is another powerful tool we offer. We have worked with a number of schools, universities and colleges to deliver spectacular open days.

Our unique, live guided tour feature, developed with our conferencing partner Agora, provides a reliable 360 conference option.   You can invite students to join you on a live virtual tour with 2-way communication and the option to share controls.

Users can chat in real-time as they explore the campus and the presenter can utilize features that allow them to see the users viewpoint, highlight features or allow students to explore freely whilst answering questions.



Maintain your tour with our unique content management system. Our state-of-the-art software provides quick and easy editing that can significantly reduce ongoing costs and keeps content up to date. Add unlimited hotspots, photo galleries, videos and more from any web browser.

What is your marketing goal? Get viewers to sign up to an open day, capture user data or download a prospectus? Your marketing goal will shape the tour design with scalable, bespoke menus, options and features. Understanding what you want to achieve from your virtual tour is critical in creating successful, engaging tours.

Our excellent customer support provides one-on-one training including video tutorials with all our virtual tours to give you the freedom to customize and create.

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ADA Accessibility Standards - Virtual Tour Company


Accessibility matters and for us it’s not an afterthought.  With our unique virtual tour content features we provide ADA compliance standards that other tours simply cannot match.

We take immense pride in being the only agency worldwide that offers an accessibility widget and accessibility tools baked in.


Using the highest of quality images is key. We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding, high-definition images to show your campus off in glorious detail. Raised elevation and drone photography are perfect for showcasing outdoor spaces. Our customizable tours are created with the latest DSLR cameras and HD drones.  This ensures significantly better quality and flexibility than one-shot solutions like a Matterport camera.

If you want to delight prospective students, then Virtual Reality is a brilliant tool for engagement and works tremendously at shows, events or fairs. We create engaging, dynamic and breathtaking 360° experiences for VR headsets using high-quality imagery or 360° videos. We can also adapt any of our VR tours to work offline if required.

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our content management system is extremely user friendly. It will allow you the control to edit, update and maintain all interactive elements of your tour.


Inspire your audience at events, captivating expo’s and engaging live open days

For an ultimate authentic, interactive virtual tour experience, create live 2-way presentations with shared controls and enhance their immersive experience by embedding your webcam into the 360° settings.


Easily update, adapt and change your tour

We give you the control.  Using our content management system you will be able to make changes to hotspots, menus and add videos, photo galleries and more….all unlimited!


Market-leading accessibility ADA tools

We are committed to continuously developing our accessibility technology, whilst maintaining the ADA accessibility standards. Unlike any other virtual tour, we deliver unwavering compliance choices.

Why Virtual Tours are Essential in Education

Choosing the right college or university for yourself or for your children’s higher education is a big decision that often needs a lot of research. The courses provided may be the biggest single consideration but there is a whole way of life to consider too. In the past the only way to get a complete sense of what it would be like to attend any college or university was to pay a visit, but sometimes the distances involved are prohibitive and time is just not available. The Covid pandemic has only made it harder.

Now we have technology to enable college virtual tours and university virtual tours, the process has changed forever, offering benefits for both students and the institutions. Without leaving home, students can now travel right into the heart of the environment, travelling along the corridors, into the rooms, around the campus. They can get a sense of what it would be like to be there on a normal day, away from the limitations of heavily subscribed open days. College virtual tours also give them access to colleges on the other side of the country or even overseas, removing that sense of the unknown and fostering familiarity.

For an institution, it can significantly enlarge the catchment area, giving access to the most talented students wherever they may live. Well put together university virtual tours can be a major marketing aid, allowing you to showcase your facilities and specialisms as well as the realities of life for students. You can let potential applicants watch seminars and lectures in progress, see sports and social events in full swing and demonstrate all the aspects of student life that photos can only hint at. The ability to share without boundaries means you can become a truly global institution.

The numbers speak for themselves. Prospective students spend four times longer on college virtual tours than on webpages and the application rates are 60% higher.